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A digitalised and comprehensive version of the Halal Assurance System (HAS) and traceability management system which is an integral component of a company’s Halal integrity, especially for Halal certification purposes.

It helps applicants to digitise their documentation, ingredients, information and internal Halal committee information amongst others and will help with preparation to apply/renew and maintain their Halal certification.

Halal Audit Digital Integrated System (HADIS™)


HADIS™ - is a mobile app used by IHC members to perform audit activities, internally and externally. Through this app, internal auditors could

• Manage and customise the audit checklist, group of auditors and assign auditors

• Collect evidences, report and communicate instantaneously with the auditee

• All data are stored digitally within VH SMART™

Certification Bodies Master System (CBMS™)


A user-friendly system for Certification Bodies that assist them in receiving Halal application, managing, tracking and keeping their data safe in a high-end cloud system. It allows audit to be done efficiently as the auditor can input all their findings straight onto the online system and it will save the auditors from unnecessary stress of countless retyping and reprinting of documents.

With the CBMS™, auditors can generate company registration, manage Halal application, complete desk audit, issuance of receipt and other reports with just a click of a button.

Halal Centre Master System (HCMS™)


A user-friendly system for Halal centres that assist facilitators in managing and guiding Halal recipient for their Halal application, managing, tracking and keeping their data safe in a high-end cloud system.

HCMS™ is also used to manage all clients for consultation and training services.

Generate and track online training certificate via HCMS™

Halal Centre Master System (HCMS™) Mobile App

Logo HCMS App

A user-friendly mobile application for Halal centres that assist them in facilitating the Halal applicant towards applying for Halal certification, managing.

HCMS™ mobile application will be synchronised to the HCMS™ web application.

Halal Digital Chain (HADIC™)

Logo Hadic

A Blockchain-powered Halal digital chain which aims to create an integrated and secure digital Halal ecosystem. Blockchain promises to make Halal compliance more traceable, and products more easily traded across the supply chain. The technology can quickly confirm Halal compliance at each stage of the production, such application can eliminate fraud, and with support from regulators, can raise the market perception of Halal relative to other certifications within various industries.

HADIC™ is a world of network-of-networks linked by “super- connectors” with no single ubiquitous trade network servicing the global Halal ecosystem.

Verify Halal™

Logo Verify Halal

A global Halal Search Engine designed to empower authorities, industry players, retailers and consumers with the ability to instantly verify the Halal accreditation of the product by either scanning or searching for product, brand, company, or country of their choice.

Listed products are from accredited Certification Bodies. Verify Halal™ App allows consumers to make an informed decision when shopping for their Halal products. It is free and easy access for everyone to get accurate data from JAKIM and its recognised Foreign Halal Certification Bodies.

Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP™)


Powered by the globally recognised and much coveted GS1 standard, GHDP will connect Halal Suppliers to 40,000 buyers, retailers and distributors across 150 global markets. It is designed to elevate the standing and access of Halal producers by bridging trade or market barriers created by non-adherence to international global supply chain traceability standards. With the implementation of GHDP, accredited Halal producers of all sizes can enhance their reach to international Muslim and non-Muslim markets.

Recognising the importance of managing product data and its importance in business growth, GS1, JAKIM and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) under the purview of Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia spearheads the initiative to launch the world’s first data pool of Halal products with the support and participation of Department of Standards Malaysia, SME Corp Malaysia.